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  1. Judi Dench
  2. Average Rating - 3 of 10 star
  3. Duration - 1 H, 50 Minute
  4. Writed by - Tom Hooper, Andrew Lloyd Webber
  5. audience Score - 20742 vote


Cats know their names. The cat gagging noise is by far the fastest way to get a cat owner out of bed lol. THE CAT IS MICHAEL FROM ZACK KING. THE MAGIC KING. XD.


Not much made me laugh - in fact watching this makes me wonder how people claim to care for their animals. That durian rolling towards the screen Damn scary. Catskill daily mail.


Cats improved visual effects. Cats are liquid. Hey hello I see that nike joger I have that too. Cats imdb. 1:09 Coco goes around. so cute. Catsweb. I remember this movie old memories:3. Cats movie box office. 10 ! 💋💋💋👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍. Cats don& 39;t dance.

Cats with down syndrome. Cats in the cradle. Cats meowing sounds. Cats movie scenes. 4:33 the kitten is dabbing 😂😂😂. Cats don't dance. Cats cast. Catsuka. Cats box office.

I though this was an animated movie insteed i found the thing that will haunt me every night

Cats is my absolute favorite musical. I've watched the stage production four times and the 1998 film probably over 100 times at this point. I love musicals and am a huge fan of Tom Hooper's Les Miserables. But this. This was an absolute DISGRACE.
Cats is an opera, so there should not be talking. Cats is a ballet, so there should actually be dancing. Casting big names for this show was a horrible mistake when they were unable to sing and dance, in a show that is ALL about singing and dancing. Taylor Swift's cat, Bombarlarina, should be pink, not an orange tabby. She was also in like 10 min when this cat is one of the MAIN CHARACTERS. The cat Rebel Wilson plays is a TAP DANCER. This didn't happen. Old Dueteronomy is a male baritone cat (literally the FATHER OF ALL THE CATS. It says it in the song. Dame Judi Dench, although lovely, was the most horrid rendition of Old Deuteronomy I've ever seen. Why was Mistofelees a coward and afraid to do magic? What even happened to the choreography at the JELLICLE Ball? The song was like 2 min! This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for DAYS!
I know there is a lot of talk about "fixing" some of the CGI and releasing a new version, but honestly, I don't know what they expect to fix. The CGI was not the worst part. The lack of actually musical talent was, in other words, the entire movie needs to be remade with real broadway performers.
I can go on and on about what was wrong with the specific cats and musical numbers, but my review would likely be more than 50 pages. I only recommend that you see this movie to have your own opinion about the horribleness. And then you can go see the national touring cast and all hope will be restored.

Cats like. 10/10 best horror of 2019. Awww :3 Ive always wanted a kitty well another my last cat got lost and never came back. 8:13 this is G Force in real life. Cats movie. I was trying so hard not to laugh i did not laugh tho The one that almost got me was the huge cat trying to push the dog off the bed Cat:meow meow sleep time Dog: good night Cat:get the duck 🦆 off meh bed. I love how they called the woman ginger. Cats film.

The movie is awkward, but hearing Memories makes me bawl anyways

Cats afraid of cucumbers. Cats and cosplay. Cats meowing loudly. 1:52 LaLa in the ball pit and CoCo in the right corner. Cats army. Cats movie trailer. Cats and dogs funny videos. Cats memory. Cats the movie. Intelligente warrior 21. Cats on catnip. Cats love. Cats rotten tomatoes. Cats funny videos. Esse Filme. A... Gatos.: Elas que lutem. If anyone wants to watch it is on Netflix. Cats breeds. Cats csfd. Cats musical. Cats bus schedule. Some of them was funny but cats do get hurt when theyre in some of the example cats will suffocate if their head got stuck inside a bag too long.I just wanna say if any of these things happen to your cat dont film go help them. 1like=save one cat from suffering or dying ❤️🐱.

Cats full movie. 2:58 me when I hear tomorrow is raid area 51 SKR SKRRRR. 1:39 thats so sad 😫 poor kitty. Cats vs cucumbers. 3:02 xddd. It bombed because cats was never good to begin with. Cats 2019. Careful out in the bush there dude. I was there maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Apparently there are still active land mines around the country side. According to the Canadian embassy. Omg the dog one and the cat with the champion hoodie are hilarious 🤣. Why do people like it just because of the “effort”? Your going to be surprised that endgame took just as long as this movie to come out. That had way more effort, and an actual plot. Cats movie cast.

0:33 루랑이 보일락말락ㅋㅋ 0:51, 1:20, 1:49 그냥 부수고 지나갈게오. Cats movie 2019. Cats in the cradle lyrics.


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